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We provide a small group tuition classes with a maximum of 6 students
in a class. This is to allow tutors to engage with students better and
provide a more conducive learning environment.
Our tutors are passionate and committed to deliver effective lessons by providing clear learning objectives and good teaching resources and
materials for our students that will create a positive impact on their
At the end of the day, we want our students to walk away having learned or understood the lessons, making the time and effort worthwhile.

Our MOE-aligned syllabus helps students to build up their confidence in
using English language confidently, both in speaking and writing. Our
tutors will assess students’ learning needs and provide the relevant
support by going through a structure process to help them build a strongfoundation in English.

Our tutors believe that teaching Mathematics is only truly effective when
it positively impacts student learning. This is achieved by sharing
relevant techniques and strategies as well as providing opportunities to allow students to demonstrate what he/she is learning.

To grasp and understand the various Science concepts, our tutors will
carry out experiments, provide real-life scenarios and conduct hands-on activities. Students will also be taught the skills to write study notes an draw mind-maps to reinforce the Science topics that are being taught.

Subjects for tuition




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