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About GemHearts EduCare Centre

Committed to Education

GemHearts is an education centre that aims to provide quality yet affordable after school care services and tuition programmes for students. We offer basic Islamic education as well under a programme called Values Integration Programme (VIP) for our after school care students.

We strive to meet the current needs of both of our parents and students. As such, we offer tuition classes, enrichment programmes and basic religious education for Pri 1 to Pri 6 students from secular schools, all under one roof. We take on a comprehensive approach in developing all our programmes which will be conducted in English. 


We use the Head, Heart and Hand framework to guide us in the implementation of our programmes. It ensures coherence in the teaching and learning processes as it takes into consideration in these areas; students’ academic needs, social and emotional needs which are incorporated into our daily programmes. We are blessed to have with us a compassionate and committed team of educators who play an integral part in carrying out the various programmes and developing passion for learning in our students.


Vision & Mission Statement

Tomorrow Starts Now

Our Vision is to be a leading and caring institution where students become self-directed learner, rooted in values and with a mission to develop our students to be confident and independent learners with good moral values. Hence our motto "Our GEMS shine with a HEART."


About our logo

Committed to Education

HEAD – The HEAD addresses the academic needs and the cognitive development of our students. In our centre, we adopt a Reflective learning whereby students will go through the reflective process to understand why they are learning and doing certain thing, think and analyze about it as they go through a process of self-evaluation and self-observation towards becoming self-directed learners. Thus, students will not only be engaged in fun and meaningful activities, but they will also develop a sense of curiosity and purpose in them and build their self-confidence as they get to reflect and share what they have learnt with their peers.


HEART – Our HEART values are the centre of our framework as the values will be the ‘heart’ of everything that we do. Hence, we inculcate these values when we planned our HEAD and HAND programmes. We are also driven by our motto, ‘Our GEMS shine with a HEART’ to create values-driven culture. Our students will constantly be guided with the HEART values in all their endeavours, as they believe in themselves and at the same time, develop a sense of empathy towards others. With these values imbued in them, we hope that our students will be a fine GEM one day.


HAND – The HAND is where character building takes place in all our enrichment programmes as it addresses the social and emotional needs of our students. The HEART values are explicitly taught through these programmes as we develop our students to be confident and independent learners. They will have the opportunities to apply these values in our HEART programmes where they play a part in helping the community and giving back to the society. Here, they will learn that the ‘HAND’, which symbolises their actions, are always guided by their head and heart when they – stop, think and reflect. HAND is also where we work together with parents hand in hand as we develop our students to be a fine GEM in a safe and nurturing environment.


Our Philosophy and Values

Learning Without Boundaries

We believe all students should be given equal opportunity to shine and succeed By giving them a safe,caring and positive environment with strong support from passionate and committed educators.

Our HEART Values

Learning Without Boundaries

H - Humility : To be humble in what you do.
E - Empathy : To understand and respect the feelings of others.
A - Adaptability : To be able to adjust to challenges.
R - Resilience : To persevere and willing to try.
T - Trustworthy : To be honest and doing the right thing.


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